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11 Things Tour De France Riders Won't Stop For

By Chris Kral

The 101st running of the Tour de France began Saturday, July 5th and will run through Sunday, July 27th. In total, the finishing teams/riders will have traveled 2,276.7 miles (3,664 kilometers) on their way to a chance at victory.

Unfortunately, not all riders will make it. Some will get injured and become unable to complete the Tour. Others, however, may encounter things outside of their control and impede their finish.

Either way, these riders aren't stopping for anything...unless it's a car? No. Not even that.

Here's 11 things Tour de France riders won't stop for:

11. This dog that didn't know where it was.

10. These Tour de France enthusiasts that just want to talk.

9. This guy who got knocked out.

8. This kamikaze dog.

7. This spectator trying to take an 'action shot'.

6. Ditches.

5. This guy who wanted in on the action.

4. These riders that took on a car...some lost.

3. This dog that didn't look both ways before crossing the street.

2. People minding their own business.

1. Selfies.

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