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10 Part-Time Summer Jobs Perfect for Teens

Summer is coming and you and your teenage kids might have differing opinions about how they'll be spending their newly found free time. Once school ends, you'd love for kids to be productive, get out of the house, learn some life and career skills and maybe even save up a little money for that care they've been begging you for. Your teens, on the other hand, probably picture their summer lounging by the pool with friends,playing video games, and spending their free time begging you for that car they're sure they've almost convinced you to buy them. Believe it or not, it is possible for everyone to meet in the middle on this one (just don't expect the phrase "get a job" to be met without at least a little whining). Here are 10 part-time jobs that will satisfy their need for a little free time and fun in the sun while they garner a sense of responsibility and some extra cash.

Parks and Recreation
Check with your city's parks and recreation department. Often there is a big demand for part-time help with summer camps, sports, and other activities. Your teen can be active outdoors, gain leadership skills, and earn money in the process.

Amusement Parks

Water & Amusement Parks
Your teens want to spend time outdoors, splashing around in the water anyway, why not suggest they make some money while there? The local water parks will be looking to fill positions for concession stand workers, ride attendants, ticket booth operators, and lifeguards. Friendly teens who enjoy a happy, family-oriented environment and waterside sunshine might enjoy spending their summer working in and around the water slides and amusement park rides.

Dog Walker/Dog Sitter
Not every hard working dog owner sends her dog to doggy daycare, but many would appreciate having someone's help with dog walking and a little attention for their canine darlings during the day. Additionally, pet owners may need someone to care for their furry friends while they're on vacation or away for business.


Car Dealerships
Have your teen make some inquiries with local car dealerships. Often they need young people who are willing to wash cars and run errands. Looking at beautiful cars all day may inspire them to save the money they are earning, and--big plus--the dealership may even offer a small discount for part-time employees if your teen really makes a good impression.

Bicycle Shops

Bicycle Shops
If your teenage son or daughter is into mechanics or just bikes in general, a local bicycle repair/sales shop might be the perfect place to look for a job. Spending time at a bicycle shop may afford your teen skills in bicycle repair, sales, and customer service.


If your teenager is responsible and great around kids, becoming a nanny might be especially rewarding. During the summertime, these positions often come with travel opportunities as parents employ nannies to come along on vacations to help keep an eye on the kids.

Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor
Whether at an away camp or a day camp, becoming a camp counselor allows your teen to be active, enjoy the outdoors, work alongside other counselors her own age and gain a sense of responsibility. It also fosters creativity, as counselors have to come up with fun activities to keep the kids occupied.


Movie Theaters
There are plenty of perks of working at a movie theater, especially for teens with an affinity for cinema. Movie theaters are great about hiring teens to run the concession stand and take tickets, plus employees usually get discounted or free movie tickets.

Social Media Specialist
Young people are often savvy with social media and can be a big help to small businesses needing to develop social media pages for their business or stay active on their social media platforms. A plus is that this job can often be done from anywhere with a WiFI connection.


Your local coffee shops are a good place to consider having your teen work part-time. They can learn the craft of espresso making, develop customer service skills, and get into the fun practice of waking up early and getting a start on the day.

Jerri Lien has enjoyed working in the beauty industry for most of her adult life. As a Seattle examiner, she covers all things style, beauty and more. Her work can be found at

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