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10 Best John Daly Outfits

By: Maria Perez

From chain smoking on the green to his non-traditional country club attire, John Daly is the definition of a rebel without a cause. The British Open begins tomorrow and as always his #OOTD at practice this morning didn't disappoint. 

Here are highlights of some of his best outfit choices, you choose which #OOTD was his best.

10. This morning at the Royal Liverpool Course, Daly sported a comfy looking pair of SpongeBob  SquarePants pants. (Not a typo, actual SpongeBob themed pants)

(Photo Credit: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

 9. He’s looking for the invite to the next Johnny Manziel’s money team selfie with these pants.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Haynes/Getty Images)

8. Looks like Daly is taking fashion tips from Lady Gaga and using the “Vomit Painter” to add color to his white paints.

(Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

7. It is just me or is he sending subliminal messages with this outfit… Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid anyone? 

(Photo Credit: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

6. Qatar Masters or Coachella? 

(Photo Credit: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)


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5.His fashion sense is even spreading like an infectious disease.

(Photo Credit: Ian Walton/Getty Images)


And then there are the many sides of John Daly told by his pants: 

4. Patriotic

(Photo Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

 3. Trader

(Photo Credit: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

 2. Nerdy

(Photo Credit: Warren Little/Getty Images)

 1. Womanizer

(Photo Credit: Ian Walton/Getty Images)


 Honorable Mention to his followers who bring a new meaning to having a "colorful" fan base...

(Photo Credit: Mark Ralston)
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