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"Zou Bisou Bisou" released as a single following "Mad Men" premiere

Jessica Pare of "Mad Men" 2012 Lionsgate/Cobraside
(CBS News)

Probably one of the best scenes of Sunday's season five premiere took place when the new Mrs. Don Draper (Jessica Pare as Megan) sang an awkward-turned-sultry version of the French '60s pop song "Zou Bisou Bisou" at Don's [Jon Hamm] surprise 40th birthday party.

It resulted in a few humorous scenes when Roger Sterling [John Slattery] and others from the cast imitated the serenade throughout the rest of the episode.

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Soon after, viewers were humming the song, recreating their own versions and sending around a YouTube video of the track, recorded by Gillian Hills in 1961.

By Monday morning, "Zou Bisou Bisou" was trending on Twitter. And "Mad Men" producers didn't waste any time seizing the opportunity to get Pare's version out to fans of AMC's hit series.

Now, you, too, can own a version of the track. Pare's slinky cover version became available on iTunes at midnight. There's also a vinyl single of the song for sale on AMC's website. It will eventually be released in Amazon and in stores.

"Zou Bisou Bisou" roughly translates to "Oh, you, Kiss Kiss." Sophia Loren performed a slightly different version of the song in the 1960 film "The Millionairess."