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Yummy Halloween Crafts

Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylan's Candy bar, visited The Early Show with plenty of suggestions for fun - and delicious - activities to do with your kids for the Halloween weekend.

1) Buy plain black eye masks at your local crafts or costume store
2) Buy your favorite penny candy at Dylan's Candy Bar or you local candy store (Try Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears, Mini Swedish Fish, Candy Corn, M&M's, Red Hots, etc…)
3) Use crazy glue to attach candies to the mask in a festive design
4) Cover the mask entirely
Let dry overnight

1) Buy a small paper bag (found at any craft store), Elmer's School Gel Glue or any thick invisible craft glue and any candy of your choosing (Gummy bears, sprinkles, M&Ms, Peeps, etc.).
2) Glue pieces of candy on bag as needed.
3) Allow bag to dry completely.
4) Decorate as desired using glitter, markers or anything else you can think of, including Magic Markers and glitter

1) Take your favorite flavor Tootsie pop
2) Cover the lollipop head with a Kleenex
3) Tie a piece of white, black, or orange yarn around the "neck"
4) Use a permanent marker to draw on a scary ghost face
5) Boo!

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1) The night before: Make a package of Jell-O chocolate pudding in a 9-by-12-inch glass baking dish
2) Refrigerate overnight
3) Put 12 Oreos in a large zip lock back and crush (use a rolling pin if necessary)
4) Sprinkle the Oreo "dirt" over the chocolate pudding
5) Make "headstones" out of different kinds of cookies: Oreos, Milanos, Nutter Butters, Snack wells etc... and insert into pudding. You can also use edible pens available at Dylan's Candy Bar and other stores to write spooky epithets.
6) Make your graveyard "haunted" by decorating with Peeps ghosts
7) Insert gummy worms squirming around in the "dirt"
8) Dig In!

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