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Young Women Now 7% More Likely to Have a Bachelor's Degree

Females at Graduation image by Ted Obermayer [cc, 2.0]Despite the fact that average earnings for women remain below the average earnings for men, women ages 25 to 29 are 7% more likely to have a Bachelor's degree than men. The percentage of women who have obtained a bachelor's degree rose 6% in two years (2006-2007), while the rate of men who earned a bachelor's degree remained virtually unchanged.

This represents a landmark change in educational attainment for women. Among all adults 25 and over, men degree-holders still have a slight edge over women. But if these recent changes are any indication, then we'll see a highly educated workforce of women who will be entering the ranks of management in the coming years.

Females at Graduation image by Ted Obermayer [cc, 2.0]