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Young Minds at Risk

Children and the Pressures of Sports
Spotting Developing Mental Problems in Kids (,*|~r,WSCBS002|~y,0|~s,0|~b,*|)
Getting Help for Your Child (,*|~r,WSCBS002|~y,0|~s,0|~b,*|)

Watching world class athletes in the Olympics can get any parent dreaming of glory for their own children. Too often, though, children are turned off by over-bearing parents trying to make their dream into their child's dream. As part of its continuing sports medicine and fitness coverage during the Winter Games, InteliHealth went to the director of the Johns Hopkins Children's Mental Health Center for insight into the right and wrong way to deal with children and the pressures of competitive sports. We also offer advice on spotting mental problems in your children and how to get help.

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