You Know You're a Senior Citizen If . . .

Bob Schieffer notices that journalists may not age, but presidents somehow get younger.
A very nice group of people notified me not so long ago that I was being chosen their "Senior Citizen of the Year. This is an honor, of course, but it did give me some pause.

Yes, I am a senior citizen, and have been for a while I guess, but I had never really thought of it that way.

As I look out on the world from inside my head, it still looks about the same as it always did. I guess I forgot that when the world looks back at me, I do look a little different.

These warnings that we are "getting on" sneak up on us.

First indication is when the police start to look so young.

Then, a daughter announces she is chairing the same school auction that her Mom once chaired - where did the years go?

One day at the Pentagon, I realized that somehow or other I had gotten older than the generals! And the other day, it occurred to me that I was easily old enough to be the president's father.

But it was when he invited that cop and the Harvard scholar to drop by for a beer that it really hit me.

You see, I can remember when a politician holding a drink ran for cover when he saw someone with a camera - I've actually chased one or two of them myself.

Now the President invites the cameras in to record such a thing.

Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a nice idea. But maybe just coffee next time, Mr. President - these cultural shifts are jarring for us older people.