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Yoda Brings the Force to GPS Navigation

"Help you to your destination, I can."

A couple months back we reported on TomTom's new Star Wars-themed voice packs, which you can add to any of its compatible GPS models.

The first voice was Darth Vader's, which was awesome. Now it's Yoda's turn -- and, trust me, it's just as awesome. Though things did get a little crazy in the recording studio:

Also available: C-3PO! What I still can't figure out is if these are the real actors or not. Darth Vader didn't sound much like James Earl Jones, but if the guy who did Yoda isn't Frank Oz, I'm impressed. Han Solo arrives in August; if it's not Harrison Ford, I think it'll be pretty obvious. (And if it is, why isn't TomTom making a bigger deal out of it?)

In any case, the Star Wars voices cost $12.95 apiece -- a small price to pay to indulge your inner nerd.