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Yapta Saves You Money on Airfare--After You Buy

yapta.jpgLots of sites promise to save you money on airfare, but only Yapta helps you get a refund or credit voucher if the price of your flight drops after you buy your tickets. Just enter your trip's confirmation code and Yapta will alert you if and when you're eligible for a refund. Of course, there are a few catches: It works only with flights booked directly through the airline, and you have to call the airline asap to claim your credit (because if the price goes back up, which is quite likely, you're outta luck). And you may have to pay an airline fee to get the new airfare, which could eat into some (or all) of your savings. Even so, Yapta itself costs nothing, and you could potentially save big bucks on your next big trip. The service also lets you "tag" airfare searches and monitor the prices, alerting you when they drop below a certain amount. [via Webware]