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Write, Share, and Collaborate on Documents with Writeboard

Someone -- it might have been Paul Simon -- said something about no one being an island. That's especially true at work, where collaboration is king. Writeboard lets you and your co-workers collaborate on documents. It's fast, easy, and, most importantly, free.

Getting started with WriteBoard is simple: There's no need to create a user account, nor is there a central hub where you mange all your various "writeboards." Instead, when you want to create a new document, you just enter your e-mail address and a password and you can start working right away. Then invite as many co-workers as you like.

Unfortunately, Writeboard isn't a truly interactive document tool like Google Docs or Zoho Docs: Only one person can edit the file at a time, otherwise changes can get lost. (If someone tries to edit a writeboard while someone is already working, they'll be warned about the possibility.)

That's fine if you need to iterate on a concept and it's not essential for everyone to be working on it simultaneously. But truth be told, I prefer the flexibility of Google Docs. On the other hand, Writeboard doesn't require everyone to have an account, while Docs does. That might prove valuable in corporate environments that frown on outside "accountery." (Why is that not a word?)

While we're on the subject of collaboration, check out document-sharing services A.nnotate and TextFlow.

Have you found the ideal solution for sharing and/or co-authoring documents with your co-workers? Tell us about it! See that BNET Talkback box down below? That's the spot.

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