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Wrap-A-Nap: The Nuttiest Product You'll Ever Want (Update: Reviewed!)

Chronicle of my reaction to discovering the Wrap-A-Nap (which I've now had the chance to review -- see the bottom of the post):
  1. "Hahahahahaha! That's gotta be the dumbest, dorkiest thing I've ever seen."
  2. "Hmm. Y'know, I bet that would be great for sleeping on airplanes. And keeping my ears warm in this cold, cold office."
  3. "Where's my credit card?"
Sure, this thing looks ridiculous. And, yes, I'd feel ridiculous wearing it. But you know what? It covers my eyes, so I won't be able to see people pointing and laughing. And when they get off the plane, they'll be bleary-eyed and miserable. I'll be rested and refreshed.

The Wrap-A-Nap comes in four rather conspicuous colors: red, brown, green, and some kind of DayGlo blue. (Guys: ever think of beige, white, or black? You know, colors that don't scream, "Look at the dork!")

Call me crazy, but I want one of these. And for just $14.95 (plus $4 for shipping), I sorta kinda think I'm going to order one.

While you're mulling over your own desire to nap at will, I give you my favorite product-demo photo of all time:

Update: Wrap-A-Nap Reviewed!

Now that I've had some hands-on -- er, heads-on -- time with the Wrap-A-Nap, I can safely say it's terrific. It's soft, cushy, and great for keeping your ears warm. Do I look ridiculous wearing it? Yes. Yes I do. But for those times when you just gotta put your head down for 10 minutes, it's a lifesaver. And I definitely plan to pack it on my next long or overnight flight.

By the way, the creator of Wrap-A-Nap says he'll soon update his site with more specific information about the product (size, what it's made of, etc.). And more color options are in the works as well. (I got a very nice-looking brown one.)

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