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Wounded U.S. veteran reflects on "surreal" trek in Antarctica

Wounded servicemen and women from the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia are participating in the 208-mile Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge. The charity event in Antarctica aims to raise money and awareness for disabled veterans transitioning back to civilian life.


Members of the U.S. team are filing blogs for Below is a dispatch from Army Capt. Ivan Castro, who was wounded by mortar shells during Operation Iraqi Freedom:

I’m glad to inform you that on the 13th of December, we reached the South Pole as a team. All twelve injured service members reached it together safe and sound. It was an epic journey, and still somewhat surreal.

Today, we're about 20 kilometers away from the pole at a camp, and we’re waiting for transportation back to Novo. The whole team is here in one tent just laughing, cuddling up and enjoying the moment and enjoying the fact that we don’t have to get on skis again!

On behalf of Alexander Skarsgard, Margaux Mange, Therese Frentz, Mark Wise and myself, we just wanted to thank you for your support throughout the expedition.

Now we’re just looking forward to heading home to our families and friends, so stay tuned for more blog posts, and I’ll talk to you soon.


All the "Walking With The Wounded" teams pose after reaching the South Pole. Walking with the Wounded/CBS
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