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Worried about the debt crisis? Consider investing in gold.

Gold tends to move independently of other markets, making it a good hedge against volatility. Olivier Le Moal / Getty Images

With little progress after weeks of negotiations between lawmakers, Americans are still bracing for the looming U.S. debt default deadline — which could be as early as June 1.

There's no precedent for a debt default, so it's difficult to predict exactly what the outcome will be. Experts have speculated that passing the debt ceiling deadline could be a "catastrophe" for the economy, with a recession and market turmoil imminent.

Some investors have already begun moving parts of their portfolios to gold this year, amid rising interest rates, slow-moving inflation and the possibility of a recession on the horizon. But with the debt crisis throwing even more uncertainty in the mix, you might be wondering if gold is right for you, too.

Here's what to know about the ways in which gold keeps your money secure and why it might be a good idea to consider today. Before you get started, explore all your gold investment options with a free information kit now.

How gold can help keep your money secure

While the exact outcome of the U.S. defaulting on its debt is impossible to predict, there are a few characteristics of gold that could make it a good option for concerned investors.

Gold can help you diversify

While there are many options for diversifying your investments, choosing an asset like gold has unique benefits during periods of uncertainty. That's because its price tends to move independently of what other markets are doing. 

As Mel Mattison, CFP, financial services professional and consultant recently told CBS News, "Gold often moves according to the beat of its own drummer."

No matter what's going on with the economy, diversification is a tried-and-tested strategy for maintaining a strong portfolio over time. When you diversify, you spread out your risk. So when one market is down, only a portion of your overall investments may suffer while other assets — like gold — can help keep your portfolio afloat. 

Learn more about diversifying with gold by requesting a free investment guide today.

Gold is often a safe bet during an economic downturn

Gold can be a worthwhile investment specifically during a recession or periods of downturn. 

Analyses by the Congressional Budget Office and the U.S. Department of the Treasury recently found that even coming close to breaching the debt ceiling "could cause significant disruptions to financial markets that would damage the economic conditions faced by households and businesses." How long the default lasts may be a big factor in how deep the recession goes and how great the market impact is, but gold has two benefits against the potential fluctuations.

For one, gold prices tend to move independently of the stock market. Take just last year, for example. While the S&P 500 saw an overall decline, gold prices not only remained stable but even increased marginally.

Even further, gold prices tend to do well when the value of the dollar is down. Banking uncertainty has already pushed the U.S. dollar's price down this year, but economists say a debt default could weaken the currency throughout the global economy further. If that happens, gold may be a safe haven investment to help you maintain purchasing power through volatility.

Gold's price may still rise

Gold has already risen in value this year, reaching close to all-time highs and stabilizing around the $2,000 mark. 

Even amid ongoing negotiations about the debt crisis, strategists are optimistic about gold's price value over the next several months and even into next year. Analysts at large firms ranging from Wells Fargo Investment Institute to the UBS Chief Investment Office to JP Morgan have all put their confidence in gold prices continuing to rise. These experts predict gold could still reach new all-time highs this year, moving as high as $2,200 per ounce by next spring and $2,400 by the end of 2024.

The bottom line

If you're looking for options to keep your money safe in the case of a U.S. debt default, gold may be an asset to consider today. Diversification, in general, is a good investment strategy in any economic environment. But diversifying with gold may be a safe bet during the economic turmoil that a debt crisis could bring since its price historically tends to remain stable during recessions and grow when the value of the U.S. dollar shrinks.

If you're thinking of adding gold to your investment portfolio, then explore your options with a free investors kit.

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