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World's Worst Sales Technique?

I just ran across a sales technique that is so incredibly stupid that for a moment I thought it was a joke. I'm not going to post a link to the site, because I don't want to send the guy any traffic. But I just have to share this particular piece of egregious stupidity.

This guy's idea is to create a fake Internet radio show to use "as a battering ram to break down barriers between you and the executive you seek to meet...Just call up and say you want to interview them on your weekly radio show. Just see how fast you get them on the phone!"

This is phenomenally stupid and offensive, because the entire technique hinges on a lie. The only reason that the executive agrees to be interviewed is that he or she expects to be getting something of value -- some free publicity.

The executive is thinking that a radio program must have listeners, some whom might be potential customers. If the executive knew that the "audience" for the radio show is in the low single digits (if that), there's no way he'd agree to be interviewed.

Now, I don't know about you, but beginning a relationship with a lie is what I expect from some lowlife in a singles bar, not a sales professional.

But it gets worse.

The guy then suggests you set up a "pre-interview" at their offices and let them "show you around" and tell you about their company... so that you can "gather sales intelligence." In other words, you get admission to their offices under false pretenses. Another lie.

But it gets even worse.

He finally suggests that, after you do the interview, you give them a copy of it for their website and to "pass around to their friends and clients" so that they start promoting your services. In other words, you cap the two lies about giving them free publicity by tricking them into giving YOU some free publicity.

Incredible, eh?

BTW, learned about this technique when the guy lifted an entire Sales Machine post and stuck it on his website. Since that's copyright theft, business ethics obviously isn't this guy's strong suit.

READERS: Have you EVER run across a sales technique that's dumber than this one? Leave a comment or just click on the poll below:

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