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World's Most Dangerous Sales Myths

The sales world is full of misconceptions that have wriggled their way into what passes for "common sense" in the business world. This post contains the five most persistent (and pernicious) myths about selling that bounce around inside most companies. These stupid myths have wreaked more havoc and ruined more careers, than any major economic crisis in recent times.

Believe in them at your peril.

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Myth #5. "Every prospect is a potential customer!"
  • Why it's a myth: Some prospects don't have a budget or don't have enough use for your product to justify the cost.
  • Why it's dangerous: You can end up pursuing fictional opportunities that don't have much possibility of panning out.
  • What's the truth: The first step in sales it to eliminate prospects that don't have the money or interest to become actually customers.
  • The myth corrected: "Every fully qualified prospect is a potential customer."
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Myth #4: "Never take 'no' for an answer."
  • Why it's a myth: If a prospect is being difficult or throwing all sorts of objections in your path, it could very well indicate (surprise!) an unwillingness to buy.
  • Why it's dangerous: You can spend so much time overcoming obstacles that you ignore the possibility of an easier sale elsewhere.
  • What's the real truth: Sales opportunities are like buses; another one comes along in a 15 minutes. So don't obsess on any one deal.
  • The myth corrected: "If you hear 'no' often enough, 'no' really does mean 'no'."

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Myth #3: "A good sales rep can sell anything to anybody!"
  • Why it's a myth: There is no perfect sales rep or sale pitch and, in today's business world, selling has become more highly specialized.
  • Why it's dangerous: It leads companies to hire sales reps who lack the business acumen required to sell into that market.
  • What's the real truth: Top sales reps are experts in their industry as well as the industries of their chief customers.
  • The myth corrected: "A good sales rep focuses on high-gain opportunities."
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Myth #2: "The customer is always right!"
  • Why it's a myth: Sometimes customers have very strange and silly ideas about what to do and what to buy.
  • Why it's dangerous: If you cater to the whims of foolish customers, you'll screw them up worse than they already are.
  • What's the real truth: Customers can be unclear and even wrong about their needs; it's the job of the sales rep to figure out what's needed.
  • The myth corrected: "The customer only thinks he's always right."
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Myth #1: "Never walk away from money on the table!"
  • Why it's a myth: Customers have other spending priorities that may be more important than the priority to buy your offering.
  • Why it's dangerous: If you sell prospects offering they don't need in order to increase the booking, you're running a con.
  • What's the real truth: You should be invested in the long-term financial health of your customer, not just trying to make a quick buck.
  • The myth corrected: "Don't let customers buy things they don't need."
BTW, these myths (but not the explanations and rewrites) come originally from sales guru Jeff Thull.

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