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World's Greatest Motivational Speaker.

I owe the readers of this blog a HUGE apology. In my post about Tony Robbins, I referred to him as "probably the world's most successful motivational speaker." I subsequently received a dozen angry emails from readers pointing out that Robbins, for all his apparent success, can't hold a candle to the ultimate motivational speaker, who is (of course) the late, great Matt Foley.

I have to admit that I was never privileged to see Foley speak in person, but I've heard from many sources that he was an exceptional individual, with an engaging life story. Despite the fact that he was divorced three times, and experienced many setbacks in his life, he soldiered on, spreading his motivational message to anybody who was fortunate enough to attend one of his many small seminars.

Alas, Matt Foley is no longer with us, but those of us who value human potential will forever be grateful for the inspiration that he provided all of us. In his honor, I've provided one of the few television appearances that he made. It's not as professional as Tony Robbins's infomercials, but it does give a feeling for this great but oft-forgotten icon of the corporate training world.

Please feel free to post a tribute to the great man in a comment below.

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