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World's Funniest Sales Management Videos

In the post "7 Myths about Sales Management", I explained the misconceptions that surround the job of sales manager. Along the same lines, this post provide helpful advice for sales managers, in the form of short, instructional videos.

The videos in this post were produced at great expense and with an enormous amount of effort and are particularly valuable for sales professionals who hope to join the ranks of management some time in the future.

There's a poll at the end to vote for your favorite, or to pan them all, if you'd like.

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RULE #1: Pay Commissions Promptly

RULE #2: Make Timely Decisions

RULE #3: Be an Effective Sales Coach

RULE #4: Implement Innovative Sales Technology
Note: wait for it.

RULE #5: Conduct Informative Sales Meetings

RULE #6: Generate Friendly Competition
Note: The example here is the sales office in heaven where the sales staff is tasked with converting earthlings to belief in various religions.

RULE #7: Celebrate Your Wins

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