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World's cheapest and priciest beers

Eastern Europe and Asia are the places to be for beer drinkers on a budget. A bottle of brew will set you back less than a buck in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Serbia and Bulgaria, Vietnam, China and Cambodia.

On the other hand, if you order a brew in Iran and you'll pay through the nose -- $7.71 per bottle, the highest price in the world. And given that the nation bans the public sale and consumption of alcohol, chances are the beer in question is weak sauce.

Extolling the health benefits of hops, FinancesOnline investigated the tab for a bottle of beer throughout the world, coming up with the cheapest and most expensive places to drink. And, by examining the average amount consumed, the site calculated which nations' citizens pay the most annually and the average amount they pay.

Americans neither pay the highest nor lowest cost per bottle, according to the site. But the nation ranks 7th in the total amount spent. Given the cost of a bottle and the amount Americans drink, the average American spends $356 annually on beer. Australians pay the most -- $748 annually, thanks to a combination of heavy thirst and heady beer prices.

Where are beer prices the cheapest and most expensive, and what do you pay per bottle?

World's cheapest beer:

1. Ukraine, 59 cents
2. Vietnam, 59 cents
3. Cambodia, 68 cents
4. Saudi Arabia, 70 cents
5. Czech Republic, 71 cents

World's priciest brews:

1. Iran, $7.71
2. Kuwait, $7.09
3. United Arab Emirates, $6.20
4. Papua New Guinea, $5.14
5. Singapore, $4.72

Nations with the highest per-capita spending on beer

1. Australia, $748
2. Ireland, $688
3. Finland, $566
4. New Zealand, $453
5. Venezuela, $445

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