World's Absolute Dumbest Sales Rep

Last Updated Sep 9, 2009 2:34 PM EDT

Today's NY Times has an article about texting while driving. The article quoted a Cleveland, OH-based "customer service representative" named Sarah Edwards who texts while she drives. Here's her excuse: "I barely even look at my phone when I text."

In my opinion, only a first class idiot -- and an unbelievably selfish one at that -- would text while driving, because it risks not just the driver's life but everyone else who's sharing the road.

But when it comes to pure stupidity, letting yourself by QUOTED in the NEW YORK TIMES saying something that ignorant has got to the dumbest freakin' thing I've ever seen from somebody pretending to be a sales professional.

So here's to you, Sarah, as you careen along the highway futzing with your Blackberry and putting the lives of my family at risk. (Many of them live in Cleveland.)

I'm glad that the needs of your business and personal life are being so well served by your texting and hope that, when you crash, you don't take anyone I know with you.