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Working less could be the key to doing more

Is burning the candle at both ends and working far more than the traditional workweek the best way to get the most work done?

Nope. At least not according to a Stanford University study that found once you've worked 50 hours in a week, productivity plunges.

Worse still, as you continue to work beyond 50 hours, you're more likely to get sick, make mistakes and have accidents. Working seven days a week, based on the research, is absolutely off-limits because you end up with six days' worth of productivity in the seven-day period.

Time off, the study found, is important. As is regular downtime.

Here are some thoughts from about how successful people can keep work out of the weekend and create more productive workweeks:

  • Disconnect from the daily routines of checking email and other work demands.
  • Think about the big picture rather than the day to day.
  • Take time to get outdoors and exercise.
  • Pursue your passions, whatever they may be -- playing a musical instrument, art, reading, gardening...
  • Spend time with your family.
  • Plan fun weekend excursions.
  • Wake up the same time you usually do.
  • Take a half hour or so to plan for the week ahead.
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