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Work Faster, More Efficiently with Text Substitution (on Steroids)

Everyone has some experience with text substitution software, whether it's the spell checker built into your word processor or the AutoCorrect feature in Word, which lets you expand shortcuts into complete words or phrases.

That's great, but what if you wanted access to that kind of substitution power in any program, from Word to your Web browser to the filename field in a save dialog? No problem.

ActiveWords is a text substitution program that knows no boundaries -- it works pretty much absolutely everywhere in Windows without regard for which program or feature you're using. And it's good for a lot more than just correcting your spelling or expanding short abbreviations into longer phrases. You can use it to launch programs and execute other macro operations.

What's awesome about ActiveWords is that, as I mentioned, it does its thing anywhere you type. Want to open the Business Hacks Web page? Just enter your shortcut -- say, BizHacks -- into your browser's search box, a Notepad window, or the Save As dialog box that just happens to be open right now.

You can use ActiveWords to correct commonly misspelled words anywhere you type (including a file save dialog), insert canned responses into e-mail messages, and much, much more. It's the Swiss Army knife of software, and I'm shocked I've only learned about it just now.

Of course, nothing this good is completely free. It costs $50 after a generous 60 day free trial. [Via Web Worker Daily]