Women voters react to the final presidential debate

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LOS ANGELES -- Nearly 72-million Americans watched the debate Wednesday night  -- that’s more than watched the second debate, but less than the first. CBS News got reaction from a group of women voters in Los Angeles. 

CBS News watched the final debate with seven women: three who support Donald Trump, three who support Hillary Clinton and one who is undecided.

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One of the women, Hema Dey an international marketer, said there was something during the debate that stuck out to her.  

“That graphic description of abortion from Donald Trump,” she said. “Oh my God. He hasn’t earned the right to talk about such issues. Donald Trump has no respect for women -- zero. The way he talks to Hillary -- her -- and he points his finger.”

Abigail Beckert, the undecided voter and a political science student, had a different take. 

“I feel like he would have treated a man the same way on stage,” she said. “I think Donald Trump is Donald Trump and he would have given a man of the opposite party the same amount of respect or disrespect.” 

What was his strongest moment? 

“He just acted more presidential this time,” said Dorothy Kistler, a retired business director. 

“His policies about strong borders, about national security, about cutting taxes about creating jobs is what I’m looking for,” said Valentina Inurreta, a fashion designer. 

Nicole Roberts, a writer, disagreed. 

“I’m terrified of him being president. She knows what she’s doing. I don’t trust any politician, but I trust her as the commander-in-chief over Donald Trump any day,” Roberts said. 

Chella Huntimer, a retired administrative assistant, didn’t agree. 

“Deep down I want to believe he would do the right thing,” she said. “I would trust him more than I would trust Hillary.” 

Some of the women had concerns about Clinton’s honesty and transparency. 

“I am a Hillary supporter and yet if I said I did not have concerns I’d be lying,” said Saaliha Khan, who works for a non-profit. 

Seven voters sit down with CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy as they watch the presidential debate.  CBS News

What did they think when Trump said he might not support the outcome of the election if he loses?

“Well, his answer seemed like a classic Donald Trump answer,” said Beckert. “That Donald Trump way, where he does it his way, not the way the establishment does it.”

Khan had a different take. 

“He’s not exuding a presidential demeanor when he doesn’t answer questions..that is not what leaders do,” she said. 

Did the debate change anybody’s mind? No, the women said, it did not.

But the undecided voter did make up hers. 

“I am going to vote for Donald Trump,” said Beckert. “I just can’t bring myself to trust Hillary.”

Is there anything that could happen that would change their minds at this point? The women said no. 

“Not even if Jesus endorses Trump,” said Roberts. “I’m still going with Hillary! And I love Jesus.”

At the end of the conversation I asked the seven women how many of them fear for the future of the country if their candidate loses the election. All seven of them raised their hands showing just how passionate they are about this choice. 

  • Ben Tracy

    Ben Tracy is a CBS News White House correspondent based in Washington, D.C.