Woman arrested in possible multi-state identity theft spree, say Colo. police

Police say they arrested Amber Garcia, 22, who was allegedly driving a stolen Ford Expedition littered with mail and personal information from her identity theft victims.
CBS Denver

(CBS) PARKER, Colo. - Police arrested one of two women in Parker, Colorado, who they say embarked on an identify theft crime spree, CBS Denver reports.

Police wouldn't elaborate on how many victims were targeted but they say the women started with mail theft and then moved on to stealing vehicles. According to CBS Denver, a number of those thefts occurred in a West Denver neighborhood located between the Highlands and Sloan's Lake.

Police say they arrested Amber Garcia, 22, after she was seen tailgating a stolen Dodge truck.

"They spotted the Dodge. They continued to follow it. [They] noticed that there was a Ford Expedition that was following very closely and there was short pursuit and as a result the Ford ended up crashing into a parked car," Park police spokeswoman Sherry Corcoran said, according to CBS Denver.

Garcia was driving the Ford Expedition that was also allegedly stolen. The vehicle was littered with mail and personal information from her victims, the station reports.

The second woman, who was driving the stolen Dodge truck, was not located. However, the vehicle was found a few hours after the chase. Authorities believe the two women were working together.

Police say they believe they know the identity of the second suspect but they are not releasing it.

CBS Denver reports the pair was allegedly stealing information from loose mail, financial documents, credit cards and medical prescriptions. Investigators also found vehicle registrations, indicating the women were breaking into cars across the metro Denver area.

Identities were stolen from victims in nine Colorado cities including Greeley, Denver, Colorado Springs and Alamosa. They were also reportedly crossing state lines because they allegedly had credit card information from victims in Kansas, Illinois and Iowa.

Police say this is a critical time for identity theft. Companies are sending w-2 forms to employees, which contain personal information and they are a prime target for thieves.