With Republicans holding legislative and executive branches, Tim Scott still expects long legislative process

By Shawn Michael Matthews

Sen. Tim Scott, R- South Carolina, expects a long legislative process next year, though Republicans will control both chambers and the White House. In an interview for “Face the Nation” the South Carolinian senator told moderator John Dickerson why he believes the process will be long and expects there to be “pain and suffering.”

“We are going to be able to get some things done” Scott said and added, “but we should caution people not to have expectations that are unrealistic”

Interview: Tim Scott, December 11

When Dickerson asked the senator if he was lowering his expectations, Scott confessed he was setting realistic expectations and was shocked and amazed at the outcome of the election.

“I certainly woke up Wednesday morning shocked and amazed. I was up when he won about 3 o’clock in the morning. I woke up at 7:30 and I was still in shock,” Scott admitted and added, “the fact of the matter is that we have a real opportunity on our hands but none of us should suggest that we are going to move like a hot knife through butter headed towards what we define as progress.”

During the interview, Scott also explained to moderator John Dickerson the importance of an agenda to draw America together and stressed Congress and the President-Elect Donald Trump need to be “very careful” in making decisions in the best interest of the county over partisan politics, citing Obamacare as an example.

“We learned under Obamacare specifically with that legislation, when you shove through a legislative vehicle that requires all one party votes to get it done - that is not in the best interest of the country.” The senator also noted the replacement was going to take a “bipartisan coalition.”

Dickerson asked if he thought Democrats would work with him in the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, Scott confessed, “if they don’t they are jeopardizing the very health of some of their constituents.”

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