Wingsuit flight into Rio de Janeiro to help ground you in reality

(CBS News) A moment ago we took a look at a lot of GoPro cameras being used to create an amazing "bullet time" effect in the everyday that I wish was actually physically possible. But we live in the real world here (or so my parents keep telling me!), and it time to come down to earth and ground ourselves in the realm of the real... and by that I mean travelling by wingsuit, of course.

What? They are technically coming down to earth and wingsuits are an actual, really real thing that you could purchase if you so desire. (Sadly, my substantial fear of heights prohibits me from ever "following suit") (Ba-dum-bum!). The high-flying, totally extreme and very different interpretation of "a quick flight" clip was posted on YouTube by daredevil Jokke Sommer, and features himself and Ludovic Woerth literally flying into Rio de Janeiro. Scenic views, always express (with no local stops) and the air-conditioning is always set to high. Are we possibly looking at the future of public transportation? (Spoiler: Probably not).