Will You Marry Me?

Soldier, engagement
CBS/The Early Show
In Kuwait, Army Spec. Jerry Shultz sent a special message to his girlfriend, Tonya Myers of Fort Wayne, Ind., via The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen.

"Tonya Myers, hi. I miss you. I love you. And I have a question for you. I was planning on waiting till I got home, but thanks to these fine people at CBS, I'd like to ask you if - Tonya, will you marry me? "

With a big smile on her face, Myers answered, "Yes."

"Honey, I told you, you were going to do this," she said in her message to him. "I know you too well. I love you very much. Be strong, be safe. I love you. Thank you."

Myers even bought the engagement ring. She keeps it in "his mother's vault," she said, adding she will "wait till he comes home to put it on my finger."

She said she wants the wedding to be as soon as he steps off the plane. He said, "Bring the right people to the parking lot and it will be happening."

The couple has been dating for two years. Both have children from previous marriages. She has three boys and he has two boys and two girls. They range in age from from 3 to 12.