Will These 10 Brands Bite the Dust in 2012?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2011 11:23 AM EDT

Will These 10 Brands Bite the Dust in 2012For the past few years, 24/7 Wall St. has published an annual list of brands it says will disappear in the coming year. The list gets tons of airplay on sites like Business Insider, Huffington Post, Forbes, MSNBC, all the usual suspects.

While the site does have a methodology for determining who's on the chopping block, it's more or less a list of troubled companies or brands. All the site's picks have definitely seen better days, but the timing of their demise isn't quite so predictable. For example, Blockbuster was on the list for two consecutive years before it finally bit the dust.

Still, given all that low-hanging fruit, the site's track record has been surprisingly dismal. Of the 10 brands to supposedly disappear in 2010, for example, only three are actually gone - Palm, Sun, and Blockbuster. A few - like Ambac Financial and Borders - are on the ropes while the others - Newsweek, Motorola, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Eastman Kodak, and E*Trade - are stubbornly hanging in there.

In any case, this year's list has some real shockers. And, while I agree with some, I completely disagree with others. Here are the 10 Brands 24/7 Wall St. Says Will Disappear in 2012, including something none of the other sites can provide: irreverent insight and controversial commentary from yours truly:

1. MySpace
Funny they should mention MySpace. I just happened to read Businessweek's The Rise and Inglorious Fall of MySpace the other day. They should have called it How to Screw Up an Internet Company in 5 Easy Steps. I actually think somebody's going to buy MySpace, clean it up, and relaunch it. I mean, the world needs a seedy alternative to Facebook, as long as there are advertisers looking for a somewhat downscale customer base, with all due respect.

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