Will pet goat get eviction reprieve in Tenn. town?

A pygmy goat with the coloring of an Oreo cookie is at the center of a dispute in East Ridge, Tenn.
(CBS/AP) EAST RIDGE, Tenn. - Goats are not permitted to be pets in East Ridge, Tenn. - but the city council seems ready to consider open to making an exception for one cute pygmy goat named Oreo.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports the issue is whether the black and white goat can continue living with Jeff Vlar's family.

City Manager Tim Gobble says there's no question Oreo is cute. But he also says the city must either enforce its "no livestock" ordinance or find an alternative.

Jeff and Samantha Vlar say they didn't know keeping Oreo was against the law when they got him for their children a year ago.

Mayor Brent Lambert is sympathetic. He has kids, too - the human kind - and says the city is willing to look at a narrow exception for Oreo.

(Imagine, an entire goat story that doesn't including the phrase 'no kidding')