Are hormonal contraceptives on the way for men?

Male birth control research underway
Male birth control research underway 01:11

Most birth control is designed to be used by women, with the exception of condoms and vasectomies. A study launched a few years ago aimed at changing this.

In the trial, men were given a combination of hormone injections to reduce their sperm counts, reports CBS news chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook. It was 96 percent effective at reducing the sperm count, and there were just four pregnancies in the partners of 266 participants. About 80 percent of the men reported being satisfied with the method. 

But the study was halted early in 2011 due to side effects, which included depression, mood swings, acne and increased sex drive. Women, it should be noted, face similar side effects and sometimes side effects as severe as blood clots while on birth control.

There’s nothing coming to the market right away, but women have born the brunt of birth control and it’s nice to know that options for men are in the works.