Will Daniel Craig play Bond again?

Daniel Craig is back as Bond...James Bond. 007 is on assignment once again in "Skyfall," the 23rd film in the long-running franchise.

The British actor has been busy promoting this latest installment (which has been garnering some of the best reviews in the Bond series) and sat down with us to discuss "Skyfall" and possibilities of another sequel. You can also hear from Craig himself by watching the above video.

CBSNEWS.COM: The reviews so far have not just been good, they've been through the roof.

DANIEL CRAIG: There's certainly a lot of sense of relief. You can never tell. You're hoping people will react well to it. But it's so nice when across the board people are into it.

CBSNEWS.COM: So when you're filming, it's tough to gauge...

CRAIG: You can't think about that. You can only think about what you're doing on that day...The most important people are the audience. The privilege that you guys get of seeing it before everyone else...that is important because you're going to be forming people's opinion, but it's the audience that has to decide.

CBSNEWS.COM: Why do you think the Bond series has endured as long as it has? What is so appealing about James Bond and the stories?

CRAIG: I don't have a kind of clear answer really. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the Broccolis [the family of producers who've been behind almost all of the Bond films] have had the franchise for so long. And protected it. They've kept it peculiarly British.

CBSNEWS.COM: Is it as exciting to play James Bond as one would imagine?

CRAIG: I get a huge huge kick out of it. I'm really really lucky to have landed this role. I feel very passionately about it. I just want to do the best that we can.

CBSNEW.COM: This is your third James Bond film, are we going to see you in a fourth?

CRAIG: I hope so. I can't really think about it at the moment. I kind of want to get this out of the way. But yes, I hope so. If we get a script, which I think they're putting together at this moment, a good script, then I'm ready to do it.

"Skyfall" opens in North American theaters Friday.

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