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Age: 58

Born: April 18, 1940; Burlington, Wisconsin

Education: University of Wisconsin - Madison, J.D. (1969), B.S. (1961)

Military: U.S. Army (1963-65);U.S. Army Reserve (1961-63)

Family: Married - Betty Miller; Three children

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Religion: Catholic

Career: Practicing attorney (1969-present); U.S. Senate candidate (1986 and 1988); WI Deputy Attorney General (1983-85); Exec. Dir., National Football League Players Assocation (1971-83); President, U.S. National Student Association (1961-62)

• Born in Burlington, Wisconsin, Garvey is the son of a home economics teacher and a pharmacist. His political career began early -- he was elected Mayor of Burlington High School. At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Garvey was also active in student politics, and his junior year he was elected President of the Wisconsin Student Association.

• After earning a degree in political science in 1961 and marrying fellow student Betty Miller, Garvey was elected President of the U.S. National Student Association. The Garveys moved to Philadelphia, where he oversaw a staff of 30 and was a vice president of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee. He was active in the civil rights movement, and met many of its leaders, including Martin Luther King. In 1962-63, Garvey served as the overseas representative for the National Student Association.

• In 1963, Garvey returned from Europe to fulfill his ROTC requirement. He served with the U.S. Army on active duty from 1963 to 1965. Most of his time was at the Pentagon, where he was assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

• Garvey returned to Madison in 1966 to attend law school at the University. After graduating in 1969, he joined the Minneapolis law firm Lindquist & Vennum, where he helped negotiate a collective bargaining agreement for the National Footbal League Players Association (NFLPA). After the agreement was struck, Garvey was asked to join the NFLPA to help represent the athletes full-time. As executive director of the NFLPA for 12 years, Garvey earned a national reputation in the sports world and as a labor lawyer.

• In 1983, Garvey accepted the position of Deputy Attorney General for Wisconsin. He served two years before resigning to run for U.S. Senate against Republican Bob Kasten. After a bruising campaign, Kasten won with 50.9% of the vote. In 1988, Garvey sought the seat being vacated by Sen. William Proxmire, but he lost in the Democratic primary to multi- millionaire Herb Kohl, who still holds the seat. Based on these experiences, Garvey has spent the past 10 years as an advocate for campaign reform and taxpayer financing of elections, in addition to his private law practice.

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