Why Your Job Candidates Are Wearing Fake Glasses

Last Updated Jan 10, 2011 9:22 AM EST

Do more of your job candidates show up for interviews wearing eyeglasses these days? It's not necessarily a sign that they watched too much television or ate insufficient carrots as kids. It might mean they're trying to game your system.

This bit of news comes from the always somewhat suspect Mail Online, which claims that a recent study shows job hunters are more likely to be hired if they wear glasses. Unfortunately, the newspaper doesn't site its source, but it does quote from the study:

  • A third of adults think people who wear glasses look more intelligent
  • 40 percent of people with 20-20 vision say they'd consider wearing clear lenses if it would help them get a job.
It's well established that all is not always as it seems in job interviews, and here's a new twist: You can't even trust people to actually wear glasses for medical reasons. If you found out that someone wore glasses to an interview just to make an impression, would it change your opinion of them as an employee? Is it inconsequential, or does it speak to their integrity? Sound off in the comments.