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Why You Shouldn't Go Entirely Paperless

business-cards.jpgAlthough Americans are hesitant to go digital with financial statements, the benefits of a paperless office can't be denied (information is easier to control online and can be sent and received faster, file storage becomes a non-issue, and you can now legally sign documents on the Internet). There is, however, one little piece of paper that isn't going anywhere: the business card.

Although the flesh-and-blood business world casts a huge digital shadow that threatens to eclipse it, experts say people long for the personal connection of business card exchanges -- and also for the opportunity to distinguish themselves with different colors, styles, and textures. Dan Ariely, who teaches economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, highlighted the importance of business cards in a global economy:

"When people introduce themselves, they usually don't say what their title is. When you are sitting with 10 people, you need a card to remember names and who you should be paying more attention to. This is especially true with globalization, as more people are traveling to other countries for business."
If you're looking to infuse a little personality into your card, check out the Business Cards flickr pool, or see a more manageable (and really cool) sampling of cards at

(Business Card Image by ecentor)