​Why Will Smith tackled "Concussion"

The real Dr. Bennet Omalu says it's all true.

"I was bruised, battered, marginalized, ridiculed, dismissed, pretty much asked to shut up," said Dr. Omalu. "They wanted to exterminate me professionally by requesting that my paper be retracted."

"They wanted to exterminate you professionally, just wipe out your career basically?" asked Tracy Smith.

"Yes. If your scientific paper is retracted, you're finished."

Dr. Omalu says the film is true to every detail, down to the way he talks.

Smith says he listened to Omalu's voice: "It's a lot more round."

"This is not just a film about football; this is not just a film about concussions. This is your life story. What do you want people to take away from that?"

"What people want to take away is that we are one family," said Dr. Omalu. "We are one love. We are one hope. We all need to be joyful people, 'cause life can be wonderful if we choose to make it wonderful."

"Nicely put."

"I don't think I'm gonna try to top that!" Will Smith laughed.

But he may try to top himself: for Will Smith, being a huge movie star just might not be enough.

"There's a contribution to the world inside of me that I can't reach," he said. "There's a thing that I'm supposed to be doing. There's a person that I want to be that I always saw the reflection in my grandmother's eyes, you know, of what it is, but I can't reach that thing. There's so much more that I feel that I have to offer that I can't access in myself," he said.

"Still now?"

"Still now. Absolutely."

"Any idea how that's gonna come out?"

"If people keep saying all the crazy kind of stuff they've been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims, they're going to force me into the political arena."

"What are you gonna run for?"

"I mean, I gotta be the president, you know?" said Smith. "Come on! Keep it real. How you gonna ask me that? You know, what else would I run for?"

Audacious? Sure. But leave it to Will Smith to think big.

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