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Why Companies Might Need Brain-Type Diversity

Do you know whether you are a left or right brain thinker? If you are an analytical thinker, you are probably a left-brainer. But if you reach conclusions with your gut, than you likely rely on the right side of the noggin.

According to Branding Week Insider (BWI), boardrooms need to make sure there is brain-type diversity across the company. That's because left-brainers tend to be extroverted salespeople who are good at leading with conviction. They like strategies based on cold-hard facts and executing well-designed plans. Thus, they tend to rise up to the management ranks at companies. However, most entrepreneurs and marketing types are introspective right-brainers who can see the big picture and sense what people don't know they actually want. Too much data-driven management dogma could push these innovators out the door.

It's in every company's best interest to accomodate both brain types. Therefore, right brainers need to learn how to sell logic, rather than creativity, when pitching new ideas to management, according to BWI. And left-brain managers need to recognize that "common sense" solutions aren't always the best ones when a radical new approach may be needed.

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