Who Makes What

Want to see your tax dollars at work? President Bush has approved the raises for federal workers. It amounts to just 2.2% for 2007 -- the lowest raise in nearly two decades.

The Washington Post also throws some other interesting figures into the story:

The vice president will be paid $215,700 next year, the chief justice at the Supreme Court will earn $212,100 and Cabinet members will receive $186,000, according to a presidential order released this morning...

The new salary tables show that a captain in the armed forces with four years of service will earn $52,704 in base pay next year. A staff sergeant, or E-5, with six years of service will earn $27,885 in base pay.

Members of the House and senators will set their salaries rise to $168,000, up from $165,200 this year. But Congress has put the raise on hold until Feb. 16, because Democrats first want to approve an increase in the minimum wage that they believe will prove popular with working Americans and the voters.

The other raises in Bush's order take effect on Jan. 1 or an agency's first pay period in the New Year.

The president is paid $400,000 and his salary was fixed by a 2001 law.

This annual story usually gets big play in Washington -- where everybody and his brother is a civil servant, and every single one of them drives his own car on the beltway every morning -- but you won't find it in too many papers beyond the beltway. We just thought you'd like to know. Happy Holidays.