Who Isn't Going to College

Last Updated Jun 20, 2011 2:28 PM EDT

Nearly half of young male high school graduates, who are minorities, are either unemployed, imprisoned or dead by the time they are 24.

If you ever wondered why the majority of college students today are females (57%), two reports released today by the College Board helps explain why. Young males are attending college at far lower numbers than young women among minority groups.

One report, The Educational Experience of Young Men of Color, pinpoints what these young men are doing after high school. Native American men have the worst record of attending college with only 8% choosing that route. African Americans and Hispanics attend college at the same rate (33%), but unemployment is significantly higher for Hispanics.

Asian men go to college in far greater numbers, but what I found surprising is that the college-going rate for these young men dropped 9% from 1990 to 2008.

According to the research, 28% of African American men and 16% of Hispanic men, ages 25 to 34, have at least an associate degree. In comparison, 44% of white Americans and nearly 70% of Asian hold at least an associate degree.

Who Isn't Going to College

Here are statistics on what young minorities are doing after high school:

African American Men:

Hispanic Men:

Native American Men:

Asian Men:

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