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Who else got a pie in the face?

protestor tries to throw a paper plate covered in shaving
Committee members react after a protestor, left checked shirt, named on Twitter as Jonnie Marbles, tries to throw a paper plate covered in shaving foam over Rupert Murdoch as he gave evidence to a House of Commons Committee in London, Tuesday July 19, 2011, on the News of the World phone hacking scandal. AP

(CBS) When an intruder strode up to Rupert Murdoch and tried to hit him with a shaving cream pie, it became the most-talked-about moment from Tuesday's Parliament hearings on phone-hacking.

Wendi Murdoch jumped up to strike the assailant, stealing the protestor's thunder and getting complimented for having "a very good left hook" by an MP. The hearings were suspended temporarily, and the News Corp boss walked away appearing a lot more sympathetic than he did earlier that day.

But, Murdoch certainly isn't the first public figure to be targeted by protesters (or pranksters) with pies. Here are some of the others:

Pictures: Who got a pie in the face?
Pictures: Wendi Deng

  • In 1977, singer and anti-gay activist Anita Bryant was hit in the face by a pie during a news conference (you can see video of it here). She quipped, "At least it was a fruit pie."
  • Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was hit in the face by fresh cream tarts, hurled by infamous pie thrower Noel Godin, as the computer mogul arrived in Brussels for a reception on April 2, 1998.
  • Sylvester Stallone was hit in the face by a pie by the Canadian satirical political group Entartistes in 1998, while opening a Planet Hollywood in Montreal.
  • In 2001, designer Calvin Klein was hit by tofu cream pies hurled at him during a red carpet event in New York. Klein was hit by accident - the anti-fur protesters who threw the pies were aiming for Karl Lagerfeld.
  • David Letterman sparked a pie-throwing melee with actress Emma Thompson when she appeared on the "Late Show" in 2006. Letterman produced a cream pie and challenged her to throw it at him. She did, which set off a chain reaction of pie-throwing involving bandleader Paul Shaffer, the show's announcer and a cue card holder, ending with Thompson getting one herself.
  • In 2004, Ann Coulter was speaking at the University of Arizona when two men ran up on stage and threw pies at her (both of them missed). The conservative author made light of the situation, according to the Arizona Daily Wildcat, joking, "From that far away they can't even hit me?"
  • Sen. Carl Levin, D- Mich., was engaged in a question-and-answer session at a deli in Big Rapids, Mich, in August 2010 when a Michigan State student hit him in the face with a pie. The student said he was protesting what he called Levin's pro-war legislative record.
  • "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson was hit with a pie in Toronto, Canada, in late June 2011, according to pictures published by British newspaper The Sun. The incident came while the actor was shooting scenes for his new movie.
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