Whitman Skyped

With the impending resignation of Silicon Valley superstar, Meg Whitman, from eBay, will "skyped" enter the hipster jargonary alongside other pejorative verbs like, "faced," "hosed," "put on notice" and "served?"

Prior to her Big Mistake, the company had already been undergoing a morale problem and subsequent brain drain, due largely, some critics say, to user disappointment over rampant fraud and a damn-your-eyes 'tude toward fees.

I'd give you the full list of user and employee grievances, but I sold it on Amazon.

Whitman's been smart in grooming the savvy John Donohoe as successor, but is it too little, too late, too lame? That's the rumpus over at The Corner Office, where William Holstein is asking some hard questions about the 4th quarter of Whitman's tenure.