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2 would-be White House intruders arrested after separate incidents

WASHINGTON -- United States Secret Service personnel responded to two security incidents at the White House, one late Sunday and the other Monday morning. The agency says that in both instances, the individuals were apprehended before entering the White House grounds.

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary says one man was apprehended Sunday night outside the south side of the White House after he climbed over a bike rack that serves as an outer security perimeter. Leary reports the man was charged with unlawful entry.

The second incident occurred about 6:45 a.m. EST Monday at a north side entrance to the White House.

Dressed as a construction worker, the man tried to get in through the gate on Pennsylvania Avenue near East Executive Avenue, Leary told CBS News correspondent Major Garrett. Leary says that man was detained and arrested after a physical confrontation.

The Secret Service dealt with an embarrassing White House intruder last year, who made it all the way to President Obama's residence before he was nabbed.

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