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Which Generation is Best at Selling?

According to some recently-released research, one generation that stands higher than the rest when it comes to success in sales. Members of that generation:

  • Are more productive and work more efficiently
  • Are highly motivated and strive for success
  • Are very goal oriented
  • Tend to be highly critical of their own performance
  • Want team goals tied to individual performance
  • Achieve sales performance equal to or greater than that of other generations
Want to know which generation that describes? Take a guess in the poll below, then click on the link to get the correct answer.

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The correct answer is "Generation Y"!

According to a survey of 57 major U.S. companies conducted by the market research firm Sibson Consulting, a whopping 92 percent of employers said that attainment of sales goals by Millennials was just as good or better than by non-Millennials.

READERS: What you think? Does this square with your experience?

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