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Where's iPhone?

Apple (AAPL) is readying a CDMA version of the iPhone. You'll see it at Verizon (VZ). No, you'll see it at T-Mobile. Wait, you'll see the iPad at Verizon. The whole "when will AT&T (T) lose the iPhone exclusive" certainly seems to preoccupy a lot of people, as my BNET colleague Damon Brown has noted.

Granted, I've at times indulged in the speculation of whether Verizon would get the iPhone. It's hard not to because of the fascination that Apple and its merry band of devices seem to have with the general public. But as you see the same question arise time and time again, it does get a little funny.

So, since it's the end of the week, why limit things to Verizon? Here's a list of some other places people could stake out for signs of the furtive iPhone:

  • in Shangri-La
  • in Atlantis
  • in Camelot
  • in Brigadoon, every hundred years
  • in Area 51
  • in Warehouse 13
  • in the Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse
  • with the treasure of the Sierra Madre
  • with the lost treasure of the Knights Templar
  • with the lost change behind the sofa cushions
  • in Amelia Earhart's lost plane
  • in a plane or on a train with a meal of green eggs and ham
  • in a Microsoft developer's pocket
  • in Waldo's pocket
  • in Elvis's pocket
  • in Barack Obama's pocket, after a technological coup
  • over the river and through the woods in Grandma's pocket
  • in the Big Bad Wolf's pocket stomach
  • in Consumer Reports magazine (without an antenna)
  • on former Palm CEO Jon Rubenstein's desk
  • on Steve Ballmer's desk
  • on a Gawker editor's desk
  • on a police detective's desk
  • in an episode of CSI: Cupertino
  • anywhere in white