Where Would You Rather Work, In-House or at a PR Agency?

There are basically two places in private enterprise where PR people can work: inside a company, or at a PR agency that has companies as clients.

Both offer their own pluses and minuses. For starters, check out a post on PRSA's blog on the subject, which got me thinking about the subject. They posted on the blog as a promo for an upcoming webinar on Oct. 7 on the subject.

But here's a quick list of my thoughts on the pluses and minuses of both settings:In-house:

  • In-depth experience, working directly with decision-makers
  • Opportunity to directly influence corporate strategy
  • Oftentimes more stability and in big companies, better benefits
  • Potential for career advancement beyond PR
  • Corporate politics
  • Subject matter can get stale; potential lack of variety
  • Tendency to get myopic about the company and its story
  • Can be somewhat straightjacketing and confining
  • Range of experiences and different clients
  • Usually fast-paced
  • Stars tend to rise quickly
  • Exposure to many clients may lead to in-house job/career advancement
  • Pressure to bill hours and show results
  • Pressure on account leaders to always find new clients
  • Pay and benefits tend to lag corporate jobs
  • Often inadequate training and supervision, leading to poor results and client dissatisfaction
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