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Where will Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters be?

Hillary Clinton is reported to have planted her campaign flag in Brooklyn, signing a lease for an office to serve as her headquarters.

The Clinton campaign will occupy two spacious floors of One Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights, according to the signed lease. Politico first reported the news, citing a source familiar with the deal.

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Just about seven miles from the Clinton Foundation's midtown Manhattan location, the former New York senator will be based out of a property that bills itself as "Modern Offices. Brooklyn cool." The offices will take up about 80,000 square feet of space, unifying a previously scattered operation. Clinton's campaign has reportedly been considering the building for just over a month.

The former secretary of state has yet to declare her official candidacy for the 2016 race, which could raise legal questions about campaign activity like renting an office for a base of operations. While candidates are legally able to explore the feasibility of a campaign without filing with the Federal Elections Commission, taking such steps -- like establishing a campaign headquarters -- without officially declaring a candidacy could provide ammunition for an FEC complaint.

FEC rules state that Clinton has 15 days from the time she engages in campaign activity to actually declare her candidacy and file for a campaign committee. In this case, the candidate -- or a campaign representative -- receiving or spending funds in excess of $5,000, for the purposes of a campaign, would require Clinton to file.

The building, a few blocks away from a Clinton Street, is also home to Morgan Stanley. And the offices of the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York reside in the same plaza.