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Where to find iPad 2 deals

(MoneyWatch) If you're ignoring the hubbub over Apple (AAPL) preparing to introduce the iPad 3, you're not alone. Despite all the hype, most consumers say they won't rush to order the next-generation tablet, which is expected to debut on March 7.

When asked "Will You Buy an iPad 3," a survey of 1,200 readers at responded as follows:

  • Probably not: 36 percent
  • Yes! Preorder, baby!: 21 percent
  • Nope. I'm an Android lover: 19 percent
  • Maybe: 13 percent
  • Yes, but in a few months: 10 percent

As usual, good things come to those who wait. Expect markdowns on the iPad 2 over the next several months, as Apple (AAPL) and other retailers make room for the iPad 3. Best Buy (BBY) is already offering a $50 discount on the older tablet both online and in stores. For example, this 16 gigabyte Wi-Fi-enabled iPad 2 is going for $450, instead of $500. Pricing competition could spur retail giants such as RadioShack (RSH), Target (TGT), and Wal-mart (WMT), as well as carriers AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ), to follow suit. 

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The resale market has also seen a surge in iPad sales ahead of the iPad 3 release. According to Knowledge@Wharton, as of Feb. 27 eBay (EBAY) listed more than 2,700 iPads for sale. And remember -- some of the items on these sites have never been used. A brand new white 32-gig iPad 2 with Wi-Fi on eBay has a "Buy Now" price of $590, a 24 percent discount off the standard price.

Apple itself might well offer the best iPad 2 deals. The company has a habit of slashing prices on older models as new ones are introduced. Tony Bradley of PC World writes that cutting prices on the iPad 2 to $300 would help Apple better compete with lower-cost tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Motorola Xoom. "Apple is sitting on a mountain of cash," he says. "It has money to burn and could easily cut into the iPad profit margin, or even sell the devices at a loss just to squash the competition and dominate the market."

You know what that means. If you're hoping to sell your iPad 2 to clear the way for the next gen in tablet tech, you might want to put it on the market sooner rather than later. Check out sites like and to get quotes.