Where Should Maria Shriver Live?

Last Updated Jun 21, 2011 2:13 PM EDT

We all know that Maria Shriver is looking for a new place to hang her hat, after the messy public meltdown of her marriage and her husband's spectacular flame out. It is still unclear where Shriver is currently staying, but AOL Real Estate reports that she has been seen looking at places to rent, but I think she should buy.
Where should the former First Lady of California rest her weary, scandal-ridden head? Well, it would need to be quiet, secluded, posh, and big enough for her four children, who reportedly aren't speaking to their father, and her large extended family to come and visit during her time of need.

Here are the suggestions we offer to Shriver, courtesy of L.A. realtor Yvette Henry, and photos from Realtor.com.

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