Where Do Most People Seek Answers?

Volkswagon Search for Jesus by Jcorrius [cc, 2.0]Back in simpler times, people went to libraries. PEW/Internet says that's still true; in fact more than twice as many Gen-Y'ers as baby boomers are using the library to research the basics of life -- getting into college, taxes, starting up a business, and checking up on health concerns. However, a new trend is emerging: The library is being supplanted by the Internet, and 58% of the general population uses the Internet to answer vital life questions, including business and health-related queries. According to the report, this even outranks queries to so-called "experts" within their fields.

Of course, this has meant a massive spike in the popularity of sites like Wikpedia, Yahoo! Answers, and other information/answer-oriented sites. Does your site answer such questions to potential or current customers and clients? A well-placed internal search bar or FAQ section could prove wonders to the users of any corporate site.

Volkswagon Search for Jesus by Jcorrius [cc, 2.0]