When Bad Stuff Happens

Last Updated Dec 16, 2009 2:30 AM EST

Look, I don't want to put a downer on things when (hopefully) you're getting ready to shut down for a break, but can I just talk about disasters for a second? Thanks.

In this little video I talk with Rinske Geerlings about how we can prepare for bad stuff. As Rinske suggests, we need to look at the impact of disasters and get clear on what can really happen.

Once we know, we can make plans in preparation.

Could you get locked out of your office? Lose all your data? Suffer a break-in? Come on, they're all possible!

We need to have procedures to follow and they need not be too onerous.

Don't go and get too worried. Sit back, watch the video, take some notes and you'll feel much more relaxed when you're on your break.

  • Robert Gerrish

    Robert Gerrish is a coach, author and professional speaker and the founder of Flying Solo (www.flyingsolo.com.au), the Australian online community for solo business owners.