What's Wrong With Old, White-Haired Dudes?

Paris Hilton in her online video
Paris Hilton in her online video response to John McCain's ad.

Weekly commentary by CBS Evening News chief Washington correspondent and Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer.

We all had our fun at Paris Hilton's expense but I laughed out loud when she did that spoof commercial pushing back at John McCain.

My guess is that John McCain laughed too. But politics aside, I am compelled to stand up for "old white haired dudes" and point out we actually have several advantages over others.

For example, if forced, we can drink coffee straight from a mug. We don't need to sip it through a little hole in a plastic top in a cardboard container to make it taste good.

Since we grew up when telephones had cords and telephone booths had doors, we know how to keep phone conversations private.

We were lucky enough to grow up when it was safe for kids to walk to school and we learned the lessons that came from having to organize our own after school games. It was pretty nice actually, not having to suffer adults trying to relive their own childhood sports fantasies.

We can even remember when you didn't have to drink water from a bottle; it tasted just fine straight from the faucet.

I know there is a lot of wondrous stuff going on lately, but those were some pretty good days too. So being an "old, white-haired dude" is not such a bad thing, because we got in on some really good things.

Even though our memory sometimes fails us and we have a hard time remembering what they were.